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Snowmobile season anyone else getting ready?
Just picked up my new sled this week, polishing up the tunnel, studding it next Sat and booked our first trip to Motel Safari in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada for the second week in January.

Anyone else, what are you riding and were?

Here are some pics of good snow conditions and great views.
[Image: index.jpg]
[Image: 3-2.jpg]

[Image: cid_15135182010122006-2CC6.jpg]
I hate the snow lol if I never have to see it again I will die a happy man Smile
Tfire136 Wrote:I hate the snow lol if I never have to see it again I will die a happy man Smile

I am the exact opposite!  I love the stuff.  I miss the blizzards from Massachusetts!  It doesnt snow enough in Central and Western Ohio.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
When I moved here to Illinois I used to have a Polaris, and sold it after 2 years of being here, we just never got enough snow to run it. plus when we got snow it would just blow and the only thing you could do is go ditching. And that was running from the cops trying to get it out of town, which actually was kind of fun since they try to catch up to you and you just floor it and they can't do a thing Smile I miss those days, but now that I have my wifes grandparents that live in Eagle River Wi I may have to look into renting a few up there until we can afford a sled again, and that will be when my son is much older to enjoy the experince that I enjoyed with my father.
46 degrees and mild here, no snow.  I remember during the '80s, we'd get a ton of snow, enough to match your height.  Not any more.  Maybe Al Gore is onto something...right Rob?Wink

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