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Skipper's Mother
I am not getting much time on the net with the problems here in Azerbaijan, and may have missed any update on John's mothers health.


I'm concerned for both him and his mother, and noticed that he has not posted much since the new site came about, and the last I can remember from the old site was that she was very poorly and John was very down (obviously).

Has anybody heard how she is, and indeed how John is.

If you catch this Skip, I'm still thinking about you both and just wanted to let you know.

If Skip is otherwise engaged, can somebody please let him know I/we are sending our regards.




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We just have not had any updates Dave. Perhap MikeD can give him a call and yes we all hope everything is ok.

Be careful over there Brother!
"God is a havana smoker, I've see his gray clouds"
I talked to mike yesterday about John.  He said he was going to try and contact him.
I must have been under a rock,first I have heard of this,prayers sent for your mother John.
Thanks Dave/guys...

We are near the end... I signed her up for hospice (& hate myself for doing it too)... Today they cut her IV to help bring along the enevitable.


I don't think she's scared any longer. And she has a new problem, she is a morphine adict. 3 weeks she's been on it in great quantity. Today shee worked harder to ask for a dose then she did to say hi to me...


On sunday, 4/2, I brought her in because she fell and her hip was hurting. I feared a fracture. They learned she fell because she fainted. She fainted because she was anemic, this was due to internal bleeding which was caused by cancer.

Here is a picture I took of her as we waited for entry in the ER that sunday. She was pissed... she wanted to go home and heal like in the good old days... (god bless her)


3 days later, after all the tests, here is a picture of her


It has now been about 3 weeks... The second picture looks great. She has suffered in the last 2 weeks several strokes, she has D.I.C. (a cancer related blood condition), she has multiple blood clots and now her blood wont clot. Her feet are black from lack of blood flow, she has massive briuses over 40% of her frail body, she has not eaten a thing in 20 days... but her heart is strong... Which of course is just prolonging her torment.


I spend every moment I can at her side. I have been called 3 times to her side and invited to spend the night as they thought it would be her last day. Yet she continues to astound them all.

... I just deleted 3 paragraphs of words... I am rambling...

Bottom line, she cant last more then 2 or 3 days...

She's 84. She lived a great life. With a bit more than her share of hardship (her mom died when she was 3 giving birth to my uncle, being raised by an aunt who already had 12 of her own kids...) but I have always done my best to take care of her. I will continue to do so too until the end...
God Bless both of you John, you are more than a good and loving son, you are there with your Mom when she needs to move on.  I know how much it hurts at this time and how frustrating it is to not be able to do much but love her, but in that love for your Mom is the answer to it is what it should be. Be well my Brother, be well, we are all here for you.
"God is a havana smoker, I've see his gray clouds"
John...Im sorry to hear about your mother.  If you need anything you know to just call me.
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John you have been and are a wonderful son to your mom. Even though I dont know her,  I have a feeling she would be very proud of you right now.
What your going through is tough, I just went through this with my grandmother.  All my thoughts and prayers are with you.

John I know that no matter what any of us say it still can not ease the pain in your heart and soul at this time.  WE will be saying prayers for your Mom and You.  You will be constantly in our thoughts as you have been since you first told us of her accident.
If you need anything at all please let me know.  Even if you need someone to yell at just call.  I will pm you our number. 
Skipper,I'm so very sorry to hear your mom is in ill health.There is nothing i can say that will make you feel better,I know what you are going through and all you can do is be with her as much as you can.Stay strong Brother.

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