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Similar to CAO Mx2 and/or Brazilia
What puzzles me is the fact that everyone is so concerned about smoking, yet smokes are so very easy to get for most people even under the age of 18.  Now obviously most people that smoke cigars aren't in it for the nicotine and do it for the enjoyment of it (atleast I do), but after my friend who looks younger than I do wasn't carded at the tobacco store I tried to buy a stick to see if they'd card me and he didn't.  And I went there probably a half dozen times before I actually turned 18 with two different people working and was never once asked for ID.

I didn't go to a real B&M that focused on cigars until I turned 18 because I thought for sure they'd card, but both times I have been there, no one has asked.
For the most part, you are not going to have young kids trying to buy cigars to smoke because they are more money and cigarettes are what they really want.   Many cigar shops (and online) operate that way and take the risk.   Heck, I think most of us enjoyed a few drinks in the bar while underage as well...that does not make it legal.   Some places just don't check like the law states.   With the internet, its harder to enforce across state lines so you see more fly by night cigar shops selling online who don't bother to check a persons age. 

It's amazing how many teens we catch a month that are underage, using their parents credit card and trying to receive cigars at a friends house.

You can buy a preloaded credit card at your local drug store or gas station.   Give it to your 16 year old daughter and have her go online to a cigar store and place an order.   Many of them will ship the order without any question.  Others list a disclaimer on their website, and may ask your age... but you can put any date of birth into their system because they don't verify it against a government issued ID database.   And there are a few out there that actually do what the laws mandate.

The burden of proof is on the reseller, as the reseller of any tobacco product is liable if they sell tobacco to someone who is underage.  You can have all the disclaimers you want, or think that using a credit card means you are of legal age...but the bottom line is the reseller will be liable for any underage sales.

Honestly, its a real problem that will ultimately result in stricter laws to try to enforce compliance.  Its already almost impossible to ship any tobacco product to a customer in the State of Oregon.   The customer must sign an affidavit, have it notorized and sent to the tobacco seller.   The customer and the seller both have to complete paperwork stating what was purchased, how much, and pay any taxes on the shipment to the State of Oregon.   In addition, the shipment must be sent using a method where the buyer must present positive ID for the order and sign a return receipt which goes back to the seller.   Its not worth doing business with anyone in that state now because of the time and paperwork involved.

Between BS like that, and the anti-smoking Nazi's, compounded with resellers not complying with the laws will eventually limit the consumers from buying and enjoying a once legal product.
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:it's funny... you have to be 21 to buy a cigar or smoke one, but at the age of 17 you can enlist in the army, carry a rifle, small portable bombs and kill people and be shot at.

i pointed this out to my nun teacher in 8th grade.  blammo!  letter home to my father.

strangely similar to the letter he got home when i asked the nun teacher at the time if god can do anything can god make a rock god can't lift.

i learned so many good s.a.t. vocabulary words in grammar school.  acerbic, bombastic, caustic, flippant, arrogant.  I was particularly fond of flippant.  Smile

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