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Seasonal smokers?
Well since i can't go out and smoke at a shop or outside i am just smoking i the house whatever lol[cigar]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
Magnum PI Wrote:Actually the best place to smoke in the winter when you live where I do is on vacation.
I totally agree on this one!  I smoke 2-3/day when I travel in the winter.  I have learned in the last few years that the MN weather is much more tolerable when you only do 5-6 weeks of winter at a time!Wink
I'm going to grab a quick lunch cigar now.  I'm thinking LGC Wavell.  I only smoke outside, and it's 27[sup]o[/sup]F right now.  I like to be outside, and since I work mostly from home, it's pretty much the only time I get out at all during the day.  Yeah, I'll probably go into cigar hibernation soon.  It's pretty frickin' cold out when the wind is blowing.

I will admit to smoking an occasional cigar in the house. When I do is get a good fire going in the fireplace, then sit in front of it with the doors opened. If you are careful to exhale into the fire the smoke shoots straight up. Also, I hold my hand with the cigar in front of the fire. The draft created by the hot gasses in the chimney rising is strong. Strong enough that you dont smell the fire. With a little care the same is true for your cigar.

I've been doing this every christmas after dinner.
an hour to work and and hour back home.

Perfect for a Robusto and cup of coffee in the car...

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