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Seasonal smokers?
I use a kerosene heater in the garage.  Fire it up an hour or so before I want to smoke, and I've got a nice, comfortable smoking environment - complete with NHL Center Ice.  Smile 

I also often have a cigar while walking the dog in the evening.  A nice, brisk pace does wonders to keep one warm. 
Since it has gotten colder my number of cigars/week has really took a hit, but when I do get to smoke I find myself having several. I started smoking in the basement occasionally and I have a friend's place I go to and smoke sometimes but it definitely sucks being limited in the winter.
I have a little buddy heater that I fire up in the garage.  Probably heats it up to 55 degrees last night when it was 20 degrees outside.
 My second winter/summer in the Tuff Shed. Its 42/109 degrees out, and that is arctic/summer to me. A space heater/ portable AC, and tv/radio, and I'm good for hours.
I tend to smoke a lot less in the winter up here in MN but when I do I smoke more.  Last year I made a point to spend Friday evenings at the lounge until they closed.  I'd do about 3-5hrs of straight smoking.  I was lucky to get in there 1 other time during the week.  The lounge is 3.5 miles from my place or so and it's on my way home.[cigar]  Occasionally, I will light up in my Apt. but that's very rare.  When I do, I just crack the patio door and get the fan rocking.  I smoke about 1/4 of what I do in the summer - which is pretty much daily!Tongue
I have a propane heater in the garage.  I just crack the side door for ventilation and I am good to go!

Well atm I use my enclosed gazeboo with a Mr Heater (Thanks Dave!) and if its not too windy I fire up the fire pit. But hopefully this weekend I will start on the Mancave!!
one word: Herfadome.
I cut way back. I take the train into NY (1.5 hours each way) and meet the Skipper for a smoke every 2 weeks or so at Barclay Rex. It's worth the trip. I also go to my local B&M. He doesn't have a loung but he has a chair reserved for me and I smoke there every once in a while which I will do today and on Wednesday meet Skipper.
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Holts has the csonka purifiers on closeout.  Don't know how well they work.

I gave up on smoking in the house.  Got tired of setting up the fans and purifiers (which didn't seem to work anyway) and making sure I blew the smoke towards the fan, etc. 

In the winter I smoke while walking the dog or playing in the yard or if I get invited to some of the clubs in the area.

Actually the best place to smoke in the winter when you live where I do is on vacation.


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