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Scotland strikes yet again!
My fellow Untouchable from scotland yard hit me with a shirt from The Camel's Toe bar in Baku (can been seen in Rob announcement of the Parkster hit om him) and a Cohiba Sublime EL (Sweet!)

Thank you, yet again from my friend across the pond.  The shirt will be worn with pride Big Grin
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My work here is done, all of the September Long Island Herfers are now "Toe'd".


Just a thanks for the hospitality I was shown by not only some fine BOTL, but some of the finest people I have ever met.


Now who's next for the "TOE"??????Confusedhock:


[Image: camel.jpg]
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Parkster Wrote:Now who's next for the "TOE"??????Confusedhock:


[Image: camel.jpg]

hahaha... funny as hell

(& not nearly as interesting as

[Image: bikini_hottie.jpg]


[Image: camel_walking.gif]

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