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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote
This is one of the two Cigars bombed to me by Sergio.  It is a Sancho Panza Double Maduro - I believe it to be the "Quixote"  it is a fairly short box pressed Hunduran cigar with a gold label.

Pre-light - The cigar had a nice dark color to it and smalled quite nice.  I could barely wait to cut it and get it lit.  I like to moisten the head before clipping my cigars - this is where the trouble started... the top of the cap came off effortlessly while I was lightly wetting the end - this has never happened before on any other cigar.  When I clipped it the whole cap fell off (not a deep clip - just enough to remove the minimum)  I figure the roller did not use enough of the paste to affix the cap - oh well.  The pre-light draw was too tight IMO.

Light - The cigar lit well - Still tight on the draw.  I squeeze down the body of the cigar and find it is pretty firm near the head.  I squeeze and roll it a while with my fingers to no avail.  The flavors are nice though.  I detected some semi-sweet chocolate along with some toasty notes.  There was a background flavor that made me think of capuccino. Really nice.


Thoughts - The flavors remained consistent through the entire cigar, but in different strengths.  I would put this as a medium-bodied cigar.  It was a shame that the cigar seemed partially plugged - maybe I am just too used to larger ring gauges.  All in all I would do it again, but I would probably go with a corona or a robusto to see if it had a better draw.  Because of the cap falling off I had to fight the wrapper to keeep it from unraveling at the head.  Not a huge deal, but it was annoying.  The wrapper was increadibly thick though.  I have not seen any other wrapper as thick as this one.  Pretty neat. 

Thanks for the cigar Sergio!  I will have to try another!

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that sucks that the cigar was plugged Sad

pretty looking ash though Cool
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Tasty, tasty lil' cigars, they are. I agree with you about the caps, though---they do tend to fall off a bit.

I keep smoking up my box of 'em, though. Big Grin

Not A Nice Person Wrote:Tasty, tasty lil' cigars, they are. I agree with you about the caps, though---they do tend to fall off a bit.

I keep smoking up my box of 'em, though. Big Grin


I love these cigars, one of my go tos/  Sorry about the plug dude, I havent had that preoblem with these, if anything I get about one a box that draws too loosely.
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
ColbyPants Wrote: if anything I get about one a box that draws too loosely.
I think I could deal with that a little better.  I hate to fight a cigar for smoke.  It was still a good experience that I can see myself enjoying again (and again...).  Thanks for the comments guys!
Thanks for the great review!   Too bad it was plugged...   Sad

Did you try to unplug it? Thanks for the comments. i have a few but they are waiting for the summer.
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I tried to unplug it by rolling the really hard part in my fingers a while.  I don't have a draw poker or anything.
bwahahah i sent u the plugged one on purpose bwahahahaha.[devil]Wink

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #b9af9f"just kidding though. I havent gotten a plugged one but I do get a few that have a tight draw, though I dont get lots of smoke the flavs are great. the boxes on these are inexpensive so if you commit to a box im sure 19 out of the 20  will be great events in your life Big Grin.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #b9af9f"thanks for the review mark, great job but sorry bout the bad construction
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No problem Sergio!  Thanks for the cigar!  The flavors were great even though there was not much smoke coming through.  It bellowed smoke from the lit end though - I guess it was teasing me... Wink

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