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San Cristobal Guajiro
San Cristobal Guijiro
6-5/8 x 46
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Date: 07.21.08
Smoke Time: 89 min.

[Image: SanCristobal072108.jpg]

This cigar sported an absolutely beautiful chocolate-brown wrapper with a slight oily glisten.  The wrapper was flawless without major veins or blemishes.  It had a nicely applied pigtail cap, and there were no soft or hard spots.  Prelight aroma was cocoa and earthiness.  Prelight flavors were dominated by bitter chocolate with hints of cinnamon and grass.

The cigar started immediately with a perfect draw with great smoke volume.  The flavors began as a pleasant spiciness over an earthy background.  The spiciness was not biting, but rather a subtle sensation that kind of rolled into my palate with a slow fullness.  The ash was solid and white.

The spicy earthiness continued to develop, and there was a slight toffee-like sweetness.  The spiciness continued to be smooth, and a mild nic kick started.

The spicy flavors have moved a little more to the forefront, and had a slight bite at my tongue and at the front of my mouth.  There were also some notes of hay in the background that developed through the last third.  The nic kick continued but did not get noticeably stronger.

This cigar provided me with a good overall smoking experience.  The construction was spot on, and there was a pleasant evolution of complex flavors to keep me interested.  From the early notes of bitter chocolate to the earthiness and spiciness, this cigar did not disappoint.

This cigar never disappoints!  I still have a whole box courtesy of the ugly, hairy bastard Smacktard that is sleeping away.  I cannot wait to try these with a year on them.  One of my favs. 

Thanks for the review.
I've had bad luck with this cigar. I have tried two from two different vendors and both were plugged! Not tight, but plugged!! Terrible
Thanks, Bill for the review.....I liiike this line alot
Nice review there. One of my fav cigars.
bradleym03 Wrote:Nice review there. One of my fav cigars.


Yup!  Smile
I have smoked just about every size of the San Cristobal line and this one has to be my fav! Thanks for the Review Bill

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