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RyJ ex.4
Smoked this cigar (Romeo y Julieta Ex. #4) the begining of the week with a nice glass of Glenfiddich.The mild weather here (NC) has left me with plenty of time to sit outside and smoke. One thing to note is that every cigar out of this box has had perfect construction.

Size: Robusto

box code:AIS jun04


Cigar lit easily, and had a perfect draw. The initial taste was of medium spice, cream, and a hint of sweetness. A solid medium body. Within a few puffs the cigar is medium/full with alittle more spice with the cream going to the background. Up until the half way mark the strength goes back and forth medium to medium full with medium spice and almost equal amounts of cream. For a couple of minutes after passing the 1/2 way mark the cigar picked up again, this time to full body with heavy spice. Making me wince. This doesn't last long as the cigar goes back to a sweet, spicy mix, but still with predominatly pepper. The cigar continues with this profile till the end but goes back and forth with the strength and intensity. VERY, very good smoke


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Thanks for the review, Mike....I enjoy this smoke too[rob]
Nice review, I need to experiment with this marca more. I kinda got stuck on Partagas, and Bolivar. Thanks for the review, I'll need to try these.
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
Sounds like a great smoke. Thanks for the review.
Mmmmm... AWESOME!
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets!!!
JUNE04  YUMMY[thumbsup]  thanks for the review
great review thank you ![thumbsup]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
Thanks for the great review!  I Love the RyJ's from "that" region.  Those were the cigars I tried that made me decide to smoke cigars! Smile
Thanks guys. Its is/was a very good smoke that doesn't get much attention. The 04' is the only one I've tried and it took almost 3years to come into its own. Hopefully, the other years are as good.

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