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Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve

Just tried an Old World Reserve driving home from work this past Thursday. I have tried most of Rocky's cigars, while most have been good, some have been disappointing. This one was great. I don't know if it was because I was coming off a crap day at work, or because I was driving beside the ocean, or because I was just glad to be free for the 1/2 between work and home. I didn't want this cigar to end, the more it burnt the better it got. The burn was perfect the draw was smooth and the taste just grabbed me the right way. This is a cigar I will reach for again very soon. If you get your hands on one, give it a shot and let me know if it was as good for you as it was for me.....

Theres only a few Rocky Patels that I would smoke and this happens to be one of them. I also like the Edge...

Nice way to drive home, a stogie, quiet time and the ocean...
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Thanks for the review. Did you smoke the maduro or corojo?
I was talking with the local Stinky rep about this stick last night...
We both agreed the Maduro OWR is the best stick that RP puts out.
And it's one of the few we really like by RP... Wink
I like the Edge, the OWR is good (though I did have one bad experience)... OOh and the 1992 vintage... I like that smoke.
I love both the Maduro and Corojo OWR!

I also agree with Teck, The Edge Maduro and Vintage 1992 are GREAT smokes too!
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(03-14-2010, 02:43 PM)Magnum PI Wrote: Thanks for the review. Did you smoke the maduro or corojo?

It was the Maduro. And I really look forward to my next one again later this week...
My first experience with the OWR was a box-pressed maduro torpedo. I did not enjoy it at first or six months after, the burn was bad and the taste was just bland. However, I have heard increasingly good reports of this cigar so I might have to try a couple other shapes. What shape is the best for these OWR's?
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not a fan of the OWR in maduro, and haven't had the corojo for a long time. The decade and Sungrowns are better IMO.

If I want a good maduro there are a lot of better options and cheaper too. Oliva G maduro comes to mind.

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