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Rockey does it again!
Ugh...just cracked open the box I got the other day of the belicoso maduros.It was noticeably darker than the fiver I grabbed last week,almost like oscuro from ERD.
I rubbed the wet part I was smokeing from and it came off as I suspected.Was on my lips too.
So,with the maduros I got from the fiver looking like the corojos and those who got them from me probably cant tell which was which like bobalouie mentioned,it is fake maduros.

I am upset with RP doing sprayed or dye maduros but I guess this is why Famous sells them now.I will stick with the corojo and only do auctions or sales where the price is much lower than what it is now.There are just too many better cigars for that price out there.

With a couple months in the humi these maduros will fade substantially.:X
I smoked the Maduro you gifted me today CP, and it was outstanding, dyed or not.. Good smoke.
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