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Rockey does it again!
I recently got a fiver of natural and maduro versions of Famous' Rockey Patel Cuban Blend cigars in torpedo size.

The dark natural (corojo);
They are toothy,dark and oily.
Construction imo was solid and flawless,even feel throughout.Cap was solid and the entire cigar was just shiney and silky looking.The same for the maduro but I had not smoked the maduro yet.

It was my second cigar of the day and my first was a short story,my pallette felt off after just eating and not haveing coffee yet so I may find new flavor profiles in the future with these.

snipped half of the torpedo tip and dry draw was easy to medium,just how I like it.Beautiful tastes of tobacco.The cigar smells just as good as it tastes before lighting.

It lit quite easily and even.
Smoked slow and even all the way through with ash dropping at 3-4in mark.

First taste was slightly coconutty/almondish,very thick smoke and thick creamy taste.Noteable spice from the corojo leaf.
The light greay ash was loaded with the burnt tooth marks,the white specs.

Halfway through tastes seemed to be the same but a bit more pronounced.
Since I didnt do a full cut on the cap it began to build with tar so I now did the full snip and flavors balanced out.
The last third I got ammonia of the tip and some raw tobacco/nicotine tastes.Much stronger but yet stayed very smooth.

I only let this cigar sit for 5 days after recieveing and am thinking a few months to a year will bring out the sweetness,remove the amonia,and balance this cigar out even further.

Overall a medium stregnth bold/full flavored corojo!

It's a winner for me and I will buy a box.

The maduro,as I do with all maduros,I will let rest a few months but I will try one for an early taste test of the flavor profiles.

Some info from Famous;
Available ONLY at Famous Smoke Shop, the Rocky Patel Cuban Blend presents a bold, heady and well-balanced blend of 5-year-aged Honduran-grown Ligero long-filler & binder, deftly finished in a dark, oily, Maduro or Natural Corojo leaf. The smoke is smooth, complex, and brimming with spicy flavor. It's almost like getting a fine Cuban cigar without the Cuban price.

prices there;
$79-petite belicoso---$99-for the Torpedo.
Worth it imo and I am sure there will be sales,deals,and auctions.
Title spelling error...Rocky not

spelling aside,I got to try some!!![rob]
Well,since your pakage goes out today....sorry,again,for the delay.....I will throw one of each in.
Cigar Penguin Wrote:Well,since your pakage goes out today....sorry,again,for the delay.....I will throw one of each in.
thanks,in that case you can spell as you please.[rob]
I got them today,they look real nice,thanks I'll have one on the 4th. [rob]
Wish my local shop carried more of the RP new stuff.


Sounds good.
A very nice smoke,Rob will like these too.[beer][rob]thanks CP!!!
No problem Bluesman.

Now to grab a 5'r of the Vengance and the Old World Reserves!
GreenEyedMonster Wrote:Wish my local shop carried more of the RP new stuff.


Sounds good.
This is not in any cigar store other than Famous Cigars online's a exclusive.

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