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Rob & Big
Anyone ever catch this show?

One morning while surfing I catch this show... a rich punk kid, he is a skate board super star, Rob Dyrdek of skateboard fame and his live-in body guard Big Black (Chrystopher Boykin) and the nonsense they do... Basically they are bored. Nothing to do except sit around. They are also opposites but they get along. Oh and they have this bulldog named Meat. I have to admit it's pretty funny and worth catching an episode or 3.

[Image: 17490.jpg?height=138]

I saw most of the shows one saturday and I actually thought it was funny.....I thought it was going to be stupid but you cant stop watching the show cause the stories are halarious

I like how rob teaches you some skate tricks.....but thats not why its funny but I skateboard and its like watching a 411VM video
Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.
George Carlin
Rob & Big is a F'ing riot, both Rob and Big are hilarious Sarah and myself watch it every Thurs night at 10:30. 

Too bad last night was the season finally, hopefully they will have another season.



BTW, the dogs name is Meaty, not Meat.  It's short for Meatbag.
Viva Lancero!

whatever his name that dog is a riot.

I love the family portrat


And the "trap door" problem... lol...

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