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Review on RP Vintage 1990
My son bought me, about two years ago, for my birthday, RP Vintage 1990. 
Not a special day, But, I'm at work and I was looking at it and said, to hell with it.  So I lit it up. Review: I love it, it's rich and the taste is great. A little nutty and rich flavor and is burning good.  I think, I may have to buy more.  [cigar]

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This cigar hit me just right the first time I ever had one.   At that point it was unlike anything else I had ever tried (I did not know know Tatuaje, Anejo, La Aurora).

I concur.   This is a great stick for sure! 
By the way!   Nice avatar Mr. D!  Big Grin
Thank you on the avatar[cigar]
US_Tank Wrote:By the way!   Nice avatar Mr. D!  Big Grin


How ya been Alan?
US_Tank Wrote:By the way!   Nice avatar Mr. D!  Big Grin
i agree nice
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
Hello Ashman: I'm doing great,  NO MONEY, NOT WORKING HARD, Business is very bad and is looking for a job. Wife is ok.  What can I say.    I hope everything is good for you?   [thumbsup]

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So join the rest of us Dreyfuss.

Haven't had one of these in a long long time. I use to buy the seconds way back when. Was always a goos smoke.
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I have two of these sitting in my humidor, I'll have to dig em out soon!!

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