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Retailer Posting Rules & Regulations
Dear Retailers:

StogieChat is a fine community of people who have gathered together to discuss their passion for cigars.  For some its a hobby, for others, it's serious business with thousands of dollars worth of prize cigars in their private collections.  Either way, we are serious about who we deal with online for our fine cigars.

The retailer section is here for cigar retailers, and other companies to offer cigar related materials to our membership.  Advertisements for items that are not cigar related will be subject to removal without further notice.

With the internet being home to thousands of cigar stores, there seems to be a new retailer posting here all the time.   Purchasing anything on the net begins with trust.  If your intentions are to post a special and not bother to know our fine members, chances are that your advertisements will be like yesterdays newspaper!

#1 - It is in your best interest to stick around and post...learn what we like, and don't, and then offer some great deals.   Again, its about trust.

#2 - Don't flood the retailer section with a bunch of posts in a short period.   If you have several items to offer, list them in a single post or two if necessary.   Nobody is going to be impressed by 10 posts from the same retailer on the same day.

#3 - Cuban cigars...   We have members outside of the USA and posts concerning Cuban cigars are allowed.   However, keep in mind that shipments of Cuban cigars to the USA is prohibited by law (unfortunately) and it could lead to trouble for the retailer and the buyer.   Public posting of Cuban cigar sales to USA customers will be subject to removal from the forum.  I think we all know the politics behind the situation.

#4 - All posts by retailers in this section are from each respective retailer, and not endorsed by StogieChat or our cigar companies unless otherwise stated.  StogieChat and its owners/admins are not responsible for deals gone bad, fake posts, or other misleading advertisements by any other party.   As always, "Caveat Emptor", buyer beware!   If a retailer who posts a special does not follow through.... be ready for a public lashing if you don't take care of the problem.   Public posts can bring both public praise...or public criticisim!! 

ET                                                                                                  rev 11/2/2006

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