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It's nice to be back, I have been a member since 2006 but took a very long break from posting. (no health issues, etc, just work / life priorities)  I'm still living in Round Rock, TX and after 12 years here I have no regrets about leaving N.Y. , I like Texas more and more each day.  Since leaving N.Y. and IBM I have worked that last 8 years for Apple, Inc. (corporate) all home based. My current plan is to leave there 11/2017 and start enjoying my social security at 62. Since I last posted my 2 daughters have all grown up an are in college (University of Texas at Austin & Southwestern University at Georgetown, Tx.) . Hobbies are cooking, photography, pool and kayaking. My cigar preferences are mainly Cuban , I find that the majority of very good non-cuban cigars (Davidoff, Padron, Graycliff, etc) cost as much or more than boxed priced cubans so there you go. I do buy non-cubans but they only account for about 15% of my stock. I love to age my cigars and have many Cuban LE's that date back to as far as 2001. With my cigars I enjoy a great cup of coffee (espresso or regular) or a nice stout or porter, with an occasional Anejo tequila. I look forward to meeting new friends and renewing some long overdue ones. If you're in the Austin, Tx area a meet up is always welcome !! I am currently fulfilling my long term humidor goal - converting an antique oak ice box , I will post some pics on that later. To any of my old friends, please drop me a PM and let me know whats new ..., how's the fishing Skipper ?, I finally made it up to Sitka, Alaska for king salmon fishing .... it was awesome. (thats what my profile pic is from)
Wow, I think I joined after you got busy, great reintroduction.
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Nice to have you back. I barely remember you. If I recall correctly, I thought you were with the TSA?

Great to have an oldtimer back & look forward to your pics and posts...
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Welcome back! Sounds like you have great taste!
Great to see you back Roger!  Smile 

Beautiful re-intro too!  Must be nice to work from home. 

For some reason, I thought you got a job with the border patrol in Texas.

So which cigars, in particular, are your favorites?
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Hi there and welcome back!

Welcome back!
Welcome back, Roger! Sounds like a grand life in the heart of Texas.

Doug from California
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Welcome back!!!
"I do not save cigars for occasions that may not happen. Cigars make the occasion special, not the other way around."

Welcome back!
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