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Quick forum question
Eric, I know you are busy.  

I'm just curious if in the settings for MyBB (this forum software), is there an option that can be enabled for "Dark Mode"?  Or something that isnt this very bright white background?

Thanks for reading.
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
We could add another theme, but it wouldnt be SC styled... We also might need to put some thought into making the templates fairly easy to update.

Have you checked out Tapatalk? I believe its still setup...
I left tapatalk, because "Free Lifetime VIP" in their eyes means, until we decided that we can charge you 15 dollars a month for it.

I emailed them about it, and they used words like "never intended" and "meant". I have an appointment with my lawyer about some estate stuff. I want to ask him about it before I go any further with them.

For now though, I am on the PC checking. But the screen is so phenomenally white, it hurts my eyes. I tried both available screens. They're both really bright.

Thats why I was asking about a "dark mode" (which I use everywhere else). Or a theme that is darkened down.
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
Yeah, i have to admit... Tapatalk is on my ****list. I've paid for "lifetime" twice. I now use the free version, which sadly has Ads.

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