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Punch Super Seleccion No. 1
Last night I pulled a punch ss#1 out of the humi.  Punch has been hit or miss.  I'm not sure I really like the flavor profile.  The Black prince was nice, but the punch punch just didn't do it for me.  So I figured I'd give this guy a try.

Measures 6 inches by 42 ring guage. unbanded.  I have to say that the construction on this stick was immaculate.  Perfect as a cigar can be.  The burn was steady throughout and never needed a touch up.  The draw was easy, maybe too easy.  I didn't have to work at all to pull up some smoke.

Upon first lighting up, I was hit with some very powerful flavors.  It started off like a rocket for about the first half inch and then it settled down.  I think every flavor imaginable existed at some point during this cigar.  But, nothing lasted for a long time.  Went from spicy, to woody, to a slight creaminess.  Very interesting from beginning to end.

I only have 2 of these left and I'm excited to have another one and see if it settles down with one flavor or if it ends up being a roller coaster like this one.

This was a very, very good cigar.
Sounds like an intresting smoke, Zaph.  Not a cigar you really hear too much about, either.
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Nice review.  I haven't personally experienced much of the punch line - just the RS#11, so it is good to learn of your point of view.
Nice review, and they are awesome smokes.
Beerlord Wrote:Nice review, and they are awesome smokes.
I agree, I have gone through about a handfull of these and I have yet to have a bad one.  Actually, I'm going to go light one up right now.
Viva Lancero!


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