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Punch Gran Puro, Rancho
One of the first Cigars I ever tried, and one that sold me on this cigar thing in general, revisited for the first time dince that initial 5 pack:

Cigar: Punch Gran Puro Rancho
Size: 5.5 inches X 54 ring gauge
Wrapper: Natural (says sumthin about it being special Honduran, Havana Seed Wrapper)

A Little Backround: Punch Gran Puro is all-Honduran with an extra-dark, extra-bold Havana-seed wrapper developed exclusively for this cigar in the rich San Agustin Valley of Honduras. In addition, the binder leaves as well as the wrapper leaves are sun-grown and carefully selected from the highest primings to ensure the cigars' special color and flavor. The result is the puro of puros--a cigar impossible to imitate. A medium to full bodied cigar, Punch Gran Puro has a round, spicy taste with a hint of natural cinnamon that comes from the unique soil of the San Agustin Valley. Handcrafted in natural cedar, the Punch Gran Puro box expresses the cigar's rich heritage with an elegantly domed medallion that features a classic illustration of Mr. Punch and his dog Toby.

When I pulled this stick out of my spiffy humidor I noticed two things immediately: 1. That it was noticably bigger in size than the other smokes I have been burning as of late. I didnt think that 4/64ths of an inch would be so obvious, but it surely was, I forgot how fat these suckers were.  and 2. Though this wrapper is listed as natural, the wrapper was quite dark. It seemed well made and pretty tightly packed (didnt give much to slight pressure), there were a few small veins in the almost roast coffee colored wrapper. Being the dumbass that I am, I had a spot of trouble lighting it, but nothing too dramatic.  Initially it was spicy with pepper and sage notes, thet leads into lots and lots of wood tones, which I absolutely loved, first bolder like cedar and oak char (like bourbon barrels, yum), and then it got sweet like maplewood and a nice maple syrupy undertone. This was about the 1/2 way point and the cigar was producing voluminous amounts of round smoke. The other thing I noticed is that the ash was light, and rather firm, and held on for a LONG time (only knocked of the ash twice total). This cigar smoked and smoked luxuriantly for ages fgiving me ample opportunity to bathe in its fragrance (this luxuriating is a rare suprise for me as I tend to have a bad habit of "power smoking" as Mikey puts it, though I am getting better).  It was a total body experience, and quite a fabulous one at that.

I need more, good stogie.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
Thanks for the review.

I love these and am almost out of the box of sierra I have.Was just contemplateing another 2 boxes.
Yep.  I'll try to remember my comments about this cigar from the stogiechat site of old.

I think my comments were something like this:

Yum Yum!  Love thos Punch Gran Puros.
Only the Rare Corojo "El Doble" surpasses these in my affections where the Punch line of products is concerned . . . great cigar.



Great review, and I agree!
TONS of smoke! TONS!
Plus it tastes great!
A really good review MArk...I remember when they came out i really liked them.  Reminds me I need to smoke another one soon.
Irishcelt Wrote:A really good review MArk...

Um... that's Tom Wink


Well whoever you are, it was a very good review.  Still wating to see if you are ever going to buy a box of the Ranchos... they seem to be your cigar unicorn, Tommy boy Wink
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