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Punch Cigars
Hey All!

Just thought that I would get your opinion on what i think would be one of the best cigars that i have tried since I started smoking about 7 months ago. Please rate the following Punch Cigars

Punch Grand Cru.

Punch Royal Coronation

Punch Rare Corojo

Punch London Club

I have tried all of the following and each one has been Excelent!

Also you will find that the selected cigars are linked to JR Cigars where you can check out the deal and prices that they have.


Happy Smokes!!!!!



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I never liked the rare corojo  (it's not even a real corojo wrapper).

My favorite is the Gran Puro line.
I like both the Grand Cru and the Rare Corojo, and yes, it's not a true Corojo, but it's still a good smoke in my opinion.  Haven't tried the other two yet. 
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     While I've yet to try the Gran Puro, I will say that the Rare Corojo has been the only Punch I've tried that I really liked.  THIS is why there are so many varieties of cigars, I guess.  Different strokes...
My favorite Punch is still the Champion...

But if I read that price right for the London Club, it may be worth trying out...
aracos Wrote:My favorite Punch is still the Champion...
As far as Punch goes, I have to agree with this.
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