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Price Gaugers
(01-10-2011, 09:30 PM)US_Tank Wrote: For $500 I will send you my last 5 Franks!

i'll give you 5.00 on top of what i offered in my last post.

(01-10-2011, 10:25 PM)nayslayer Wrote: hey, i used to smoke the sweet and aromatic backwoods before my father in law introduced me to a cigar shop.

everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? thank goodness your father in law stepped in and led you in the right direction.
ha, well he still smokes acid blondies
No Justice, No Peace!
(01-10-2011, 10:50 PM)nayslayer Wrote: ha, well he still smokes acid blondies

at least acid blondies are typically stored in a humidor, a step up from the pouches of backwoods found behind convenience store counters.
No Justice, No Peace!
There are dozens of threads here also and some flame wars that you will never get to read. LOL
Pro and con. What the market will bear is rule #1 What someone is willing to pay.
I agree about the vendor gouge. He's not the first and wont be the last and everybody thinks that's wrong.

Look at Tat boy Pete Johnson. He knows exactly what he's doing creating a frantic war with his over priced limited cigars and price fixing to his vendors not to discount anything! THEN watching everybody fight over them.

Does anybody think ill of lz for selling a cigar for $500 that he bought to resell and has boxes of them? I think not!

Is the Opus BBMF worth $125.00 at the Fuente shop when they can be had for $55 +? If a cigar is priced by the amount of tobacco it, something is REAL wrong.

Somebody posted a 3 or 4 year old hard to find annual Fuente for $400 I think, and got jumped.WTF Should he have sold them for that days price after he tied his money up for years? Did anybody know what he actually paid? Hell NO! Unless it was a to bud. Although he never liked me LOL, I might disapprove of what somebody says, but I'll always defend there right to say it. Plus the price on the annual maduro were all over the board. I know I paid $120 over from a major vendor at that but I wanted them. What's to say he didn't do the same.

Pick an Opus, any Opus. Lets say a Perfecxion X @ $12.00 msrp. Those that say NEVER smoke an Opus before 1 year and need 2. Should you sell that 6 year old opus for $12.00? If so, I'll take all you have. LOL

I admire your rant, God knows I've had mine here and about the same thing. That's one of them you'll never read on the Tats. LOL

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

The way I see it is that although its a free world, and this is a free forum, if a seller with even half a brain would do some homework first, they would realise that this is not the forum to try and gouge a BOTL for stupid money over RRP for a cigar.

LAZY ASSED, QUICK BUCK MAKING GOUGERS have all too often popped in here with no intro and tried to justify bending BOTL over.

Then they complain and cry when they get punted from Mahk and a few other members.

We are very fortunate here that we dont screw each other over for a fast buck, and we are quick to act if we see a BOTL looking to try something that they may not manage to get easily, I for one am a prime example of members and friends jumping in to pick up cigars for me and the same happens in return.

We need to remember its cigars we are talking about here though guys, its not diamonds, gold, unobtainium, one of only 250 Aston Martins to ever be made or a priceless painting, its cigars.

Same types of things are happening on wine boards, on liquor boards, and other boards dealing with niche consumables.

I get chances to get some killer deals on cigars, I get tons of freebie ashtrays, cutters, etc. All of these I could try to turn around for a profit.
But as soon as I did, I would probably stop getting those deals, and those freebies. We've got a guy that comes to our weekly events that everyone hates, because he sells anything he gets on sale or wins in the raffle. He's not there to be a botl, he's there to make a buck, and everyone knows it.

Most of the folks here on SC are here to be a botl, so when somebody rolls in to make money, we (Mark) can identify it pretty quickly and they don't really feel welcome for much longer. My guess is that not every board has that type of community. We reward the retailers that find the way to make the profit they need to make while taking care of their customers. We're pretty cool dudes.
GUN boards...
People view some of them as a source of income.

I don't see a problem with selling something for a small profit. If you sold it, then someone out there must think it's a good deal. The deal wouldn't happen unless both parties were pleased.

Having said that, if I were to try to sell something for twice what I paid for it, if a good friend would jump on it and agree to pay my asking price, I would either not take the full amount, or throw in a bunch of other stuff.

If on the other hand the buyer was someone I barely knew or, lets say, Tank, then heck. He agreed. PAY UP!
Jonathan Charles Axisa, my beloved son, 11/7/1979 - 7/8/2010

Ғµ(Ķ Cancer
(01-11-2011, 11:58 AM)Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote: If on the other hand the buyer was someone I barely knew or, lets say, Tank, then heck. He agreed. PAY UP!

LMAO i love it.
I don't see cigars as investments, I only buy cigars that I have the intention of smoking. If I end up selling them I don't feel like I should be paid more for them because I aged them. I tend to give extras with any cigar a BOTL buys from me.

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