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Pinar Del Rio Cigars -
Hola My Friends,

I wanted to introduce my company and myself. My Name is Abraham Flores and I'm the Owner and the Blender of Pinar Del Rio Oscuro and Sun Grown. My family has been in growing tobacco for over 80 years and now I’m introducing my New Line of Cigars. I have join together with my friend Juan and we have develop some unique lines of cigars. The PDR cigars are premium lines that retail between $5.40 to $7 dollars.

If you would like to learn more please visit..

Thanks You

Abraham Flores...

Owner & Blender

Pinar Del Río Oscuro is rolled for the dark wrapper enthusiast. Utilizing a maduro wrapper leaf, Oscuro is a strong cigar that is supremely clean, a rare feat that is seldom accomplished by cigar factories today. with a silky texture.

Wrapper:  Habano Oscuro / Dom. Rep

Binder:  Habano / Dom. Rep

Filler:   Nicaraguan / Dom. Rep

Vitolas:  4 Oscuro

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[Image: pdroscuro.png]


Pinar Del Río Habano Sun-Grown showcases a rich Habano wrapper that laces the palate with rich flavor. The wrapper is a reminder of the great wrappers grown in Pinar Del Río, Cuba; wrappers that are deep red-brown in tone.

Wrapper:  Habano Sun -Grown / Dom. Rep

Binder:  Habano / Dom. Rep

Filler:   Nicaraguan / Dom. Rep

Vitolas:  4 Habano

Click here to view all sizes

[Image: pdrsungrown.png]


On June 9, 1878, the official decree divided the island of Cuba into 6 provinces placing Pinar Del Río on the west coast of the island. The mecca of tabaco cultivation and production, Pinar Del Río is a jewel of a region in the cigar world. 130 years later, Abraham Flores and Juan Rodriguez have joined together to pay tribute to the hallowed history of this famed tabaco-growing province of Cuba. These two men, with a deep family history in the respected cigar industry, have worked together to produce an incredible blend that will shake the foundations of the cigar world. Countless hours and a shared undying passion have been spent to release a blend that is worthy of the Pinar Del Río name. Abraham and Juan are proud to introduce to you Pinar Del Río Habano Sun-Grown and Pinar Del Río Oscuro.


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