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Perdomo 2 (squared)
Hey guys.  This is the first post for me here.  I'd like to say that this board is great and I've found a ton of useful info and interesting reads here so far. 

A long ways back, probably about 2 1/2 years ago, I got a sampler and a few of the sticks in it were Perdomo 2 Torfecto Maduros.  I fell in love with em and bought up all that I could find, smoking them mostly on special occasions.  So I'm just about out of them and my search to find more has been rather uneventful.  I do realize that they were discontinued but that isn't gonna stop me from trying.  Does anyone have an idea of where to find these sticks?  I'm partial to the Torfecto but I'll settle for any shape.
BTW, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I am a noob.

Well I can't help you with your question...

But [welcome] to SC... Wink

The latest flier i recieved has them on closeout!

Edited to add :  They're seconds...
Thanks for the replies guys. 

Vitamin G,  I grabbed a bundle of those and although they're supposed to be the same smokes, the taste is off from the original Perdomo2s.
Thanks anyway though
Oh man, I loved those torfectos. The maduros and the cameroons. Expensive boogers before they were closed out, but oh so tasty. Its been quite some time since Perdomo discontinued these so I doubt you would find any at a retail shop.

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