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Penscacola Pinata

I guess I am Pensacola's new pinata!  Robbie and Jerry put the double smackdown on me!




The shirt:

[Image: NovemberBombs067.jpg]



[Image: NovemberBombs068.jpg]





The spices:

[Image: NovemberBombs069.jpg]





More spices, hat, and cookbook!

[Image: NovemberBombs071.jpg]






Its even signed!

[Image: NovemberBombs072.jpg]






The cigars!

[Image: NovemberBombs073.jpg]




Many thanks Robbie and Jerry!   WOW!  I got some flavor in my life now!
Damn...the Tankster has been hit from just about all over the planet. With all these nukeS Al Gore is going to come out with a new movie.  STOP THE WARMING!   

Freakin' ray of sunshine, ain't I.
Holy hell...  Daryn, you must have really pissed some people off to take all of these beatings!


Well done Robbie and Jerry!!!  [thumbsup][thumbsup][thumbsup][thumbsup][thumbsup]

Robbie and Jerry have done a wounder full job smacking around Tank.  [bravo2][bravo2]
As Mr. Mum says "make the time you wont regret it"
2010 the year I got my a$$ handed to me from my fellow SC brothers!
Someone needed to smack tank and slow him down a little , and who better than some warm southern a$$ kicken nice hit fellas
come in here dear boy have a cigar your going to go far
Very Nice!!!


[Image: tankthepinata.jpg]
~ 2010- The year I was "showered" with gifts from my SC Brothers.

Gratitude is when memories are stored in the heart, and not in the mind. Our hearts will not forget.
Damn, those spices look amazing !!!  Is it your birthday or something ???  Seems your on everyones list lately
aka: The Bouncer
"I Herfed with The Mum" !! And have the shirt to prove it !!!!
I got my "Big Cock t-shirt from Tankie !!!

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