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Partagas short (2012)

Had a Partagas Short from a 2012 box date yesterday afternoon. Let me start off by saying I was going to put this in the dog rocket lounge, but didn't have the heart. I don't know what went wrong, but I was really excited to have this and it was kind of a let down...

First one out of the box. When I cut the seal and opened the box I was greeted with that o-so-lovely barnyard fresh tobacco smell we all love. Headed for the porch. It was 21 yesterday on the official forecast, but it was sunny so it wasn't bad on the balcony in the sun. Cut it with the xicar and hit it with the flame. First puff was a bit acrid, probably from being so new I thought. Copious amounts of smoke from this guy. Still waiting for the taste to improve about half way down. Nope, never opened up to that creamy rich depth and typical Partagas flavor I have had from these the one or two times i have had them before. It was pretty harsh and camp fiery the whole way down. I have 2 questions about these;

1) Is there truly a difference between the cabinet and the dress box blend? this was from a dress box.

2) Could it just be the ammonia still in them and they need to rest? box date is may 2012. I normally love the fresh habano taste, but this was not what i have tasted in the past with other sticks.
Give them a chance to rest then try again
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The blend is the same. The box will age differently if it is a cabinet or a dress box, but should be identical early on.

Let them sit for a while and come back to them.
Hey Guys, been a while since I posted but I have an update on these. Smoked 2 this past weekend from the same dress box. They were both great, and tasted the same as the cabinet; rich and creamy with tons of smoke.
Thanks for the update
It only took 3 years but worth the wait, thanks!
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(08-19-2015, 05:38 AM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: It only took 3 years but worth the wait, thanks!

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