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Partagas Spanish Rosado San Agustin
5½" X 52, Spanish Rosado

Appearance: Pretty Well Constructed. Smooth, no noticeable veins. A nice reddish brown color, and firm. Actually, solid as a rock! Boy, this dude is packed tight! Hopefully this doesn't cause burn and draw problems.

Pre-Light: Clip was easy and straight. Pre-Light draw was a bit restricted but not too horrible. Flavors consisted of a lovely tangyness, with some earthy undertones. Also leather and tobacco notes.

Burn/Draw: The draw did wind up being a tad more restrictive than I would have liked, but it really was not much of an issue. It produced a fair amount of smoke. The tight draw actually forced me to smoke the cigar more slowly than I would have otherwise, which lead to cooler smoke and a more languid smoking experience. The burn was spot on all the way through, razor straight and never budging. Hallmarks of a well made cigar.

Flavors: Yummy Stuff Here. A nice medium strength smoke. The flavors from the pre-light carry over here and there are a couple of great additions, after an initial burst of spice, it settles in nicely into some sweet tangyness, and a bunch of other nice flavors (Honey, Ginger, Cinnamon). About a third of the way in some of the sweetness abates, and the earthiness comes back, grounding the flavor and keeping it from becoming cloying. Those leather and Tobacco notes return, and Toasted woodiness. That spice comes back near the end building to a rather dry, almost peppery finish. this is my favorite domestic Partagas line so far (I still really want to try the Ciefuentes line), and it is a very good smoke. I can heartily suggest them to most anyone.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
nice review Colby!  I've stayed away from the domestic Partagas line (don't really know why.  Always kinda liked the black) but now I have one of those new series S to try soon and hope that's good as well.  Figurado shape with a nice looking cameroon wrapper.Tongue  Thanks for sharing and giving me hope.
excellent review as always Tom-ass

-jesse [smokin2]
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Yes, Tom-ass... good review I always liked these cigars myself as well. [cigar]
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I saw these packs at my local shop - but they were on display outside of the walk-in humi, so I sort of dismissed them.  Might have to rethink this.  Great review.
I usually like these, but I wasn't thrilled with the last couple of them that I had.  I've got a couple of the little tubos.  Maybe I'll have one tonight.

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