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Partagas Black Label Magnifico
I stopped by my local B&M to pick up some smokes and a torch lighter to celebrate after I finish my summer classes, and grabbed two of these sticks along with a Padron 2000 and Olivia Serie G Churchill.
6x54 size, Dark black wrapper that was fairly veiny, as most of them seemed to be. The wrapper leaves an oily residue on your fingers, which I didn't notice until it started rubbing off onto my book as I turned the pages.
Pre-light: the draw was fairly tight, which was expected after feeling the cigar. These are wrapped tight. I also noticed the wrapper leaves a spicy flavor on the lips, which wasn't unpleasant.
Initial: Spiciness like black pepper and harsh smoke.
First third: Spicy flavor profile, gradually giving way to a kind of Colombian-esque coffee taste, like dark coffee with some acidity. Leaves a lingering spiciness.
Second third: Creamy notes start to come through, smoother coffee flavor along with maybe dark chocolate. I didn't taste any spice until after I exhale, and the spiciness was left on the palate again.
Final third: The chocolate and cream give way to ever-increasing spiciness and harshness as I got closer to the nub, didn't detect much else, though I don't have the best palate.
This bad-boy took a little under two hours and 15 minutes to smoke, and I let it go out with about 3/4 of an inch left.
Overall, I enjoyed this one, but much preferred the crystal tubo version that Eric included in a sampler pack. I found the tubo (at least the one I tried) had much more cream and coffee notes, which I enjoyed more than the spiciness. Definitely a full-bodied smoke, I'm still on a bit of a nic buzz and I put it down half an hour ago.
Thanks for the review..
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nice review..thanks
Great job on the review, and congrats on being done with the summer classes!
This is my boomstick!
Thanks for the review!!
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
Great review. It reminded me that I had one from last year in my humi. Smoked it tonight and it was toned down a little strength wise but flavors had blended nicely in 12 months. Wish I had a couple left with some age.


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