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Paradigm vs. Oasis
BOTL, I have been reading a lot of reviews online regarding the paradigm humidifier.  I also read quite a few posts from people who swear by the oasis.


I know there is a big price difference and they work in different ways but it seems the effect is the same--perfect humidity.

Can anyone who uses the paradigm comment on its effectiveness and can anyone comment on the benefits of spending the money on an oasis if the paradigm actually works just as well.

Really just looking for comments on either in general in addition to the specifics of above.



welcome back everyone.
how big of a humidifier are you looking to use it in? as far as i recall, the paradigm is a passive system, similar to using beads, where the oasis is an active system which actually moves humidified air. the hydra is a system similar to the oasis, and the one i use, although i used an oasis for years. if you're using a big cabinet, go for the active system that moves air. if you're using something smaller like a desktop, go for the paradigm, and open it daily to pick out a stick so you get your air movement that way.

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