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Padron 6000 series Maduro Torpedo
Stopped by the local b&m and picked up one of these box pressed beauties to try last night. When I got it home and got it undressed, I could immediately smell the rich, chocolatey goodness I was about to enjoy. This cigar was dark and rich in color, with very little 'tooth' on the wrapper. Otherwise, it was pretty smooth and seemed to be tightly packed. I clipped the foot and started to fire it up. Had a bit of trouble lighting it, but that's due to my inexperience with lighting a cigar and the fact that I don't have a torch-style lighter yet. Once I got it lit, I let it rest for a minute before I started to smoke. The smoke was very rich and full, and the draw was just perfect on this thing! The first thing I picked up on was a strong, hearty tobacco taste, with just a hint of nuttiness in it. The burn was flawless and the ash was amazing. It was very white in color and held on to an inch and a half before I knocked it off. It stayed together when it let go and was tightly packed. After I ashed it, I had a spot of trouble, though. Not sure if it was the cigar's fault or mine, but after the ash fell, the middle of the cigar kept burning, but the wrapper was not. So I pretty much had to re-light it to get the wrapper going again. Once I got it fired up again, I could taste a sweetness in the smoke and it smelled wonderful as well, almost like chocolate with hints of coffee. I thought to myself, 'Now this is what a cigar is supposed to taste like!' I continued smoking and fully enjoying this thing by now, even though it was freezing in my garage! It left alot of flavor coated on my tongue that was very sweet and I loved that about this stogie. When I got towards the end, it still had the coffee-like taste to it, and a little bit of spice began to creep in as well. I also had a slight buzz going by this time! I smoked this thing all the way down to the nub, and it never got overly hot or harse at all. Just smooth, creamy goodness all the way through it. Even though I'm a noob, I would highly recommend this smoke and I can't wait to try more in the Padron's line. I have read nothing but glowing reviews about them, and found out for myself last night that they were all accurate. I give this stogie an A!
Padron is one of the most consistent go-to cigars out there in any of their lines.  Always gives you what you expect and very rarely disappoints.  Padron doesn't seem to play to the hype as much as many other manufacturers.  They just put out a quality product.

Nice review.  Glad you enjoyed it.  By the way, our host here ET / Admin has these every day of the week.
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Good stuff, and you definately represent that well.

Good Review.

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Ok.  Nevermind my post in your intro thread.  You did pick up a Padron.  Nice Review!

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