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Padilla Signature 1932 Robusto
Smoked one of these babies last night at 2 Guys with Tommy at our weekly Thurs night herf.  He is what Ernesto Padilla said about the 1932:

"The Padilla Signature 1932 a full-body complex cigar with a limited release blended with Pepin Garcia. It will be unique in flavor bringing to mind Cubas fuller cigars like the Bolivar. The wrappers and fillers are rare and hence the limited production (500 boxes) they will come in about six sizes."

The wrapper was beautiful on this stick was amazing, t was absolutely flawless with a perfect triple cap, better than some Habanos I have seen.  I gave the cigar a light squeeze, it was rock solid with no give what-so-ever.  I clipped the cap, much to my dismay because it was beautiful and took a pre-light draw.  There was enough resistance on it to know that this robusto was going to take a while to smoke, yet light enough that it wasn't a nuisance.  The pre-light taste had a slight citrus taste to it.  Upon lighting the initial flavors were light spice and the citrus flavor. About half way through the cigar the citrus flavor moved to the background and there was a slight sweetness to it.  I nubbed this puppy till my fingers were burning.  The price tag was $12, which isn't too bad for this special treat.  Was it worth it, the construction, hell yes, the flavors, eh, I would buy a few more, but not worthy of a box purchase.  If you haven't tried it yet, which most probably haven't because the box arrived yesterday and I was the first to smoke one, grab one and see what you think.  With the Tatuaje, Padilla, Don Pepin craze going on, I'm sure these 500 boxes won't last long.

Viva Lancero!

Good review Mark. I hadnt heard of this release before now. Ive liked the other Padilla blends Ive tried, so I will definitely give this one a shot if I see one at the local B&M.
Yeah, look for the box, it is amazing.  It's a big leather bound box that holds 45 cigars, 15 Robustos, 15 Churchills, and 15 Torpedos.
Viva Lancero!

sounds like a nice one. only had citrus type flavors from one other cigar, an oliva somethingorother. oh, and the old vsg tres mystiques had an orange rind thing going on. great review, mark.
This was rated really well in the CA.  Looks like another winner from Pepin/Padilla

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