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Padilla Fumas
[Image: IMG_20101002_093315.jpg]

Well keep in mind that this is a sub dollar stick.
The construction is very loose like a old piece of Smells of light tobacco and paper. I used a standard cut and draw was loose as to be expected. First third was was bready with a hint of ginger. As i got towards the second third the light ginger bread remained and started to pick up a light peper. Considering the price point of this cigar I'm impressed at this point. It's a light smoke definatly, but pleasent. As I reach the last third i had to relight, but burn was pretty straight. The last third the pepper picks up and still has the bready/ ginger with maybe a slight cardboard taste. I smoked it till about an inch and half and pitched it. All in all was fine cigar for the money. Now if i compared it to some Five dollar sticks i don't think it would rate as well. But I'm more of a medium/full guy these days. I think if i was just starting out it would be a great smoke. I also wouldn't hesitate to pass these to friends who aren't cigar smokers. It's not one that I would snicker after passing it to them either. I'll definatly hold on to them and wouldn't mind smoking one early in the day or working around the yard. It was worth the 20$ I spent.
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Nice review, thanks for taking the time to do this..
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thanks for the review brother!

Thank you for the review. Perhaps try another in a week, and see if it is the same, with a different set of variables. Smile
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Reviving an oldie! The fumas get even better with age and are still about the same price. Great yard gar for sure.
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Ive seen these bundles for pretty cheap may have to do with them being short filler, glad to see that they age well.

great review
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