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Padilla Artemis
Anyone have any info on these new sticks? Tank turned me on to the Miami, and also love the sig 32 and Dominous. Only thing I've seen so far is some tweets about the band design that has a deer, and a blog post over @ CA.
No Justice, No Peace!
Nope! I started getting Tweets about them yesterday! But no solid info.

Interesting band design..

[Image: Padilla.jpg]
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yeah, not the final design, but deer o deer
No Justice, No Peace!
that is 1 pissed off looking dear

Actually denali7432, the correct term would be "stag"... Big Grin
[Image: padilla_releases_artemis_band.JPG]

The Padilla Artemis
The new Artemis cigar is going to be a pretty limited release, available exclusively at fifty brick and mortar cigar shops around the country. It’s scheduled for release in late January 2011. What makes the cigar unique from other smokes in Padilla’s catalog is it will be their first box-pressed cigar.
Its obvious where i got the info, there is more info there
No Justice, No Peace!
Well, first, look out for that Caribou! (CFest inside joke)

Second, the name Artemis reminds me of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Either way, I like most of the Padilla smokes I've tried so if I happen to see this one, I'll be picking it up.
Sounds good!

can't wait!

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