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Order issues
So I use cigarpage . com  frequently...too frequently, Tongue that they send me some special deals. Smile

Most times I pass, but once in awhile, I bite.

On 11/30 I got a deal on Liga Privada Unico Nasty Fritas & Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas.  Never had them, but heard some very good things about them.  Price was too good to pass up & so I ordered a 10 pack of each.  I figured, if I didn't like them, I could put them in some bombs.  So I placed the order.

It shipped on 12/01, USPS.  Took about 1 week to go 75 miles south to Philly & sat there.  Then early yesterday, around 3:15 am, it took 24 minutes to move across the river, into NJ, where it sits. 

Now I know it's USPS's fault.  I even said that to the person at cigarpage that I chatted with.  But when I had asked cigarpage to track it & asked at what point is it considered lost, I was told:
Quote:It is not "lost". It is still showing movement. Once you receive the cigars, you can place them in your humidor. If after a week you are not happy with them you can reach out to us.


Quote:They can last weeks to a few months in the original packaging

They don't ship with humidification.

So now I'm pissed with that answer  Angry1

I received an order of butane from them, ordered a few days ago & delivered yesterday, by UPS.
I also have another order being shipped by them too.  Not sure how that is going to be.   Sad

I've been using them since they started.  Now I'm going to wait & hold off any new orders & see how this plays out.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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