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Opus X Lancero Tins
A friend of mine called to tell me he has these in stock. I never heard of Opus in tins... anyone have any info on this?
Never mind the info ....... go and get some quickly. Wink
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This sounds pretty cool.  You might as well pick some up.
pep Wrote:

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Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:
pep Wrote:

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I have one in the Reserve de Chateau Skip.  It's a beautiful presentation.  I've not seen them in the lancero or I'd have scooped them.

Holts and Casa Fuente are supposedly the only places to get them but they are obviously showing up elsewhere.

Vegas = $110-$140

Holts = $39-43
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My source is OK cigars... but they do not do mail order. I am heading there within the next 3 days.
They don't make them with the Lanceros.  But that does not mean you couldn't put Lanceros in the RDC tin and pretend that they did......Smile
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I heard these were sent to Vegas, Holts, and big market Opus dealers.
I also heard to pick any up immediately.

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