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Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto
This is a beauty of a smoke, box pressed about 4.5x50.  I bought a box of these recently, and they came in yesterday, so of course I had to smoke one immediately! 
Pre-light: On pre light, I cut it, and drew from it to test the draw.  Draw was great, and I got some sweetness, with a hint of earthy leathery flavor... I could tell before light up that this was going to be a cigar that I enjoyed!

1/3- The first third, I got some nice sweetness, withuot a whole lot else.  The leathery flavor and earthy flavor hadn't shown up yet... Still good.. Ash was a nice light grey color, and burn was straight as an arrow, with the ash still hanging on after that 1st 3rd.

2/3- Here came those leathery and earthy flavors I knew would show up.  The sweetness died down a little bit, but there was still a hint there.  Ash is still a nice grey color, and STILL hanging on.

3/3- Not much changed on this last 3rd of the smoke.  It was still good, and the sweetness did kick up a notch or two before I put it down.  I finally ashed it when the ash got all the way to the nub!  I was gonna take a picture, but didn't have a camera handy Sad 

Overall- I loved this smoke even more than the cammie version that I had a while back.  I think it has something to do with the maduro wrapper.  I kinda wish now that I'd bought the bigger vitolas so that I could enjoy it longer.
Total time smoking this cigar, very slowly, was almost an hour.

In short, if you haven't tried this yet... go try it.

Thanks for the great deal on these ET!

Buy From Eric at
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