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Old Henry Maduro
Long live Old Henry!  The naturals are really good.

Thanks for the in depth review on the maduro Don.

And smoky, if you buy a box of OH naturals they give you 6 free maduro robustos.  You already stated you like the natural.  So........
Thanks Don........I'm sold.  Big Grin
Not A Nice Person Wrote:I was gifted a natural awhile back and really liked it. Good solid smoke.

Be laying in a box or bundle or whatever they come in when I get the [color="red"]walkin built.[/color]

sweet.....[thumbsup]  Converted closet?
For those interested, on the back cover of the new Holts catalog, they have a selection of 10 of the natural old henry's and 10 of the maduros for $65.00

Buy From Eric at
Bearded Dad Blog:


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