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Old Henry Maduro
Has anybody tried the Old Henry Maduro yet?  The naturals are by far the best house brand out there IMO.
     Steve047 sent me one of these way back when I first became a member here (thanks again, Steve!).  I can't remember if it's a natural or a maduro, but I really need to get around to smoking it. 
I haven't gotten a chance to smoke the old henry yet, but the natural and maduro are both on the list to try based on what I've heard about the brand.
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I've never tried either too.
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The natural robusto would be my everyday smoke if I could keep them in my humi.........highly recommended....[thumbsup]

the maduro was just recently released, and I am resisting the urge to buy some until I get a little feedback.
I was checking those out in the catalog last night at work.  Thinking about getting some, they have a really cool band.
I like smoking lightning
i've been gifted both.  unfortunately, while i liked them neither stood out for me where i'd work them into the rotation or pay for them.

best advice i can give smoky is that if you like the natural you'll love the maduro.
I was gifted a natural awhile back and really liked it. Good solid smoke.

Be laying in a box or bundle or whatever they come in when I get the walkin built.

Holts has 10 Old Henry and 10 of the new maduro's for $65.  I thought about trying them out.   I love the naturals and they are potent little things.
Pete Wrote:     Steve047 sent me one of these way back when I first became a member here (thanks again, Steve!).  I can't remember if it's a natural or a maduro, but I really need to get around to smoking it.

That would be the nat. the maduro just came out. I love em'!!! haven't had the maduro though. Here is a review from my bud at HP.....

Stop the clock! Keep in mind I just got these OTT last night around 9PM and put them in the humi around 10.

Just finished smoking the Robusto. The cigar is a thing of beauty. Nice dark,shiny, oily wrapper. No blotches,no heavy veining. A really good looking cigar. Very well constructed and firm with zero soft spots.

Clipped beautifully with no stems in sight and the prelight draw is very good with a faint sweet taste. Roasted the food and we're off to the races.Gonna do this in 1/4 instead of 1/3's as the flavors changed this way,at least to me.

The cigar started out with a great draw,light fizzy pepper on the very tip of the tongue. Cool creamy smoke that coated the mouth and left a very light sweetness on the very back of my tongue. Ash was firm and light to med gray. So far it's very enjoyable.

Next quarter is more of the same with a touch of cedar showing up. Spice is coming in a little more. The creamy sweetness reminds me of the aftertaste of say a Stewards root beer. Not overpowering, just a very nice cool creamy smoke. The aroma is enjoyable. If the cigar stays like this, I'd be more then happy. Had to do one touch up on the burn, but it was no biggie.

At the halfway point the spice and cedar ramps up. I didn't think it could get better, but I'm a spice ho so this is getting my attention and the cool creaminess is still present. The spice spreads about 1/2way up the tongue and is about what you would expect for the corojo OH. The spice finish doesn't stay long on your tongue,so that's a plus.The ash stayed on, but as it was getting to the band I decided to gently tap it off. After removing the band and tapping off the ash, the spice seemed to pick up a little bit, not unpleasant, but the sweetness and cool is fading slightly.

The last 1/4 is good. Most of the spice is back to being on the very tip of the tongue but doesn't linger. Same holds true for the sweet and creamy smoke. Still enjoyable but not like the cigar started out with. I thought that when I got to nubbing the cigar that it would get a bit harsh or strong, it didn't. It became a mild pleasant smoke for roughly the last 3/4 of an inch.

Overall impression, I like em. I do like a good Maduro smoke and I LOVE me some OH's. This is the best of both worlds. Not as spicy as the corojo wrapped OH's but a nice change of pace. I can see alternating between these 2 cigars without any worries. I'm not sure how these will hold up to some age. It wasn't a powerful smoke, it was flavorful and has the creaminess that I've been looking for, for quite some time.

It took me roughly 50-55 minutes to smoke and never got "hot". The finish is pleasant and I can still faintly taste it almost 20 minutes later.

I'm gonna try the Toro tomorrow and see which of the 2 I prefer before I buy a box.

As usual, YMMV.

I just finished smoking the Toro. I won't go as in-depth as I did with the previous review of the Robusto, I'll just touch on the differences I experienced with the 2. I had the exact same drink with the toro that I had with the robusto, the only difference is the time of day I'm smoking it.

The toro did not look as dark and shiny as the Robusto, a little softer in 2 spots but nothing to complain about. But the differences were evident, especially in the color and "lack" of oily sheen.

It clipped nicely but I did notice a couple stem ends present. The prelight draw was very good, but lacked that touch of sweetness I got from the Robusto. Toasted the food and it lit as good as the robusto did.

The 1st quarter had the same fizzy pepper on the tip of the tongue, but the smoke didn't have that cool creaminess that the robusto did. Also the sweetness was much lighter on the back of the tongue, very faint.

The 2nd and 3rd quarters of the cigar had much more of a spicy pepper taste. It was very pronounced, alot like the LHO II and the original OH. The sweetness at the back of the tongue is barely present, and no cool creaminess at all. Just lots of spice, again this isn't a bad thing for a spice ho like me.

The ash was very firm but it was predominately white to very light gray throughout the entire cigar which leads me to believe that the blend is either a bit different or not as aged/ fermented as the robusto was. I also needed to make about 3 touch ups, but again I don't consider touch ups a big pain in the butt.

The last quarter the spice is still present, though not as dominant as in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the cigar, but it was much more then the robusto. The finish of the toro is about the same at the end as the cigar, but it doesn't fade away as fast as it did with the robusto while smoking.

The Toro IMHO is still a very good cigar. Like I said, I prefer the spice, but being a maduro I expected a touch more sweetness and wish it had the creamy cool mouth coating smoke of the robusto.

The toro lasted me roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes to nub, it's not a bad cigar and to be perfectly honest I won't be able to make a "real" decision until I smoke another of each one, but if I had to pick one cigar at this point in time to purchase a box of, I'd have to go with the robusto simply on the basis of flavor and complexity.

If you like a spicy cigar and are a fan of the original OH or the LHO II's, then this cigar will make you happy.

Again, YMMV.


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