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From Halfwheel:

I wonder how many people would want a humidor just for Nubs?

At last year’s InterTabac trade fair, Oliva showed off a humidor specifically designed for its NUb cigars. Now that humidor is heading to stores in international markets.
In non-U.S. markets, the humidor is being sold as a sampler with 24 4 x 60-size NUbs. There a ventilated slot in the back which is designed to hold Boveda packs.
  • 6 NUb Cameroon 460

  • 6 NUb Connecticut 460

  • 6 NUb Maduro 460

  • 6 NUb Sun Grown 460
In Belgium, the unit is priced at €206 ($243).

While the humidor is not being sold in America, Oliva is using it as a promotional item though it will not come with cigars.

It is limited to 1,500 units.
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Interesting...but sadly, I think it's a decade out of date & on the small side (holding only 24 Nubs).

I do like a nub on occasion & I'll pick up 5'ers, or a box of either the Conn, Habano at a good price & just throw the whole box in the humidor.  Singles I'll just throw in one of the drawers or in one of the trays.

Also, I was just wondering... Does Oliva still make the Nub line, or is it someone else?
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