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Not Political
This is not a political post but if anyone has any objections, I'll remove it.

Went out for a boat ride & was surprise by how many friends were out there.

I'm in the lower right hand corner, in the red shirt at the helm. My cousin is sitting on the edge & her 85 year old mother is in the back.
The picture is grainy as I copied it from the newspaper article:

[Image: Trump.jpg]
My Fans waving to me:
[Image: 20200905-110742.jpg]

[Image: 20200905-110742.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-093018.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-092856.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-093141.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-093258.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-093322.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-094001.jpg]
[Image: 20200905-095343.jpg]
Tons of beautiful boats out enjoying the day.
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