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North Dakota Blizzard

45 below wind chills.   13 below actual temp.   10 inches of snow and our interstates are closed.



[Image: 1208Blizzard001.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard002.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard003.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard004.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard005.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard006.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard007.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard008.jpg]

[Image: 1208Blizzard009.jpg]




[Image: 1208Blizzard010.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard012.jpg]



[Image: 1208Blizzard011.jpg]

Dang Tank. Are the little tikes half-eskimo or something? [wow]
Yeah but its a WET cold, similar to Arizona's Dry Heat.  

Quit your whining, they both feel like a pleasant 65degrees, year round. [lol]
Better you get the snow then me!  Big Grin

Nah, all our snow melted this weekend.  I'm down for a good blizard as long as I don't have to go to work and miss out on it!  And Drive in it!
Is your brain frozen yet? [lol]
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
fishhound Wrote:Is your brain frozen yet? [lol]


ALWAYS!   Big Grin
US_Tank Wrote:
fishhound Wrote:Is your brain frozen yet? [lol]


ALWAYS!   Big Grin
I just saw the preview for your new ABC Family Original...

I really have to get out and take pics of cars buried in the snow.  
Just got home myself.  This stuff's starting to blow in after a day of freezing rain.Confusedhock:
Should be an interesting drive in to work tomorrow...

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