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Newbie Review - CAO KarmaSutraSplash
OK, I've never reviewed a cigar before, and I have trouble picking out most flavors beyond the tobacco, but I think I'll try my best, here...


I picked up this beautiful Petite Corona beauty at a B&M less than a block from my brother's front door.  My brother lives in a much larger town than I, so the cigar selection there is much more varied.  After walking through the doors of his georgeous walk-in huimidor, I found myself stopping at the CAO section.  I felt like I had just glimped into a wee bit of what heaven would be like.  From the top of my arm's reach (and I'm 6'4"), to the floor, and the span of my arms, nothing but beautiful CAO's.  I gazed over all the wonders I have yet to try, and fell upon the KarmaSutraSplash.  Now, being semi-newbish to the price of quality smokes, and me being somewhat like Poriggity, as I watch my wallet a bit too close, $3 seemed steep for a Petite Corona, as I just picked up some top-notch 5 Vegas for less than that per stick.  Jolted back into free spending bliss by my brother who stuck his head in and say we were pulling out to eat in less than 2 minutes, I made my snatch-and-grab.

While waiting at the checkout counter, the Usual Suspects Saturday Stogie Club were laughing it up across from me.  The eldest of the crowd made his way to me, and after quick introductions all the way around, commented that the small single stogie in my hand seemed quite a good choice, but a tad might lonely.  With a point and a laugh, he seemed more a gaunt shadow of Santa Claus, because the fellows hunkered down in huge leather chairs and sipping on fine spirits jumped up and handed him 5 fine beauties that he gifted to me after checkout.  1-CAO CX2, 2-Cojimar Amaretto Sugar Tipped, & 2-CAO Italia Gondola's (I picked up 3 more of the Cojimar's and Italia's before heading home).

I left a happy man.  I woke up this morning, still a happy man, and decided to try the KarmaSutraSplash I had paid heftily for.  Pulling it from the cello, I was surprised to find that the aroma was a very delicate mango scent, wafting over the fine sharp smell of the cedar it was so lovingly wrapped in.  I walked outside to my favorite smoking area, nipped the tip, and checked the cut.  The end held up very well to my, by now dull, single bladed cutter.  Little to no breakage, and no splinter of the fillers at the head.  Checking the wrapper, I found it smooth and with very few, if any, large veins.  The smell was still intoxicating.  As I toasted the foot, and started rolling the cigar to light it, the first taste to hit my lips was a very creamy minty chocolate, and as I rolled the head along, lighting it, very mango.

The first draw was fantastic.  The tobacco itself was mild, mixed with the sweetness of fruit and cream.  I blew the smoke through my nose, and found that it too, was very mild.  As I sat and let the flavor develop in my nostrils, the tobacco never overwhelmed the flavors, but married with them very well.  The ash dropped at about 1 1/2 inches, and was a steady battleship grey with a few white veins.  The ash, when it hit the ground, stayed together.  I sat and leisurely smoked all the way to the nub.  The ash only dropped again twice, as the whole cigar was very well put together.  Start to finish, it was a very Mango time.  I read that it was supposed to be blended with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, but I only found that flavor in the first couple of draws, disappointed that it did not follow along through the whole cigar.

All-in-all, I'd have to give it a [seven] out of [one][zero].  The CAO KarmaSutraSplash Petite Corona would not give anyone just starting out with cigars a hard time at all...
I have always been curious to try one of these. While I am not a flavored guy at all these things seem to catch my eye every time I see them. Nice review.
Nice first review Smile I could never have a flavored cigar personally but those I know who do enjoy them, seem to really like this one Smile

very well done review.
Wow nice review.
Very well written.
You're description was quite pleasant so the rating of 7 tells me you're keeping a critical eye.
Well done.

Keep the reviews coming!


I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

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Great review, very entertaining and well-written.

Not a flavored cigar smoker myself under any circumstances, but the last GF before this one liked those a lot; I bought her quite a few tins of 'em, along with her favorites, Tatiana Vanilla.




Not A Nice Person Wrote:Not a flavored cigar smoker myself under any circumstances, but the last GF before this one liked those a lot; I bought her quite a few tins of 'em, along with her favorites, Tatiana Vanilla.
I have a girlfriend (friend type, the wife doesn't like competition) that comes over and she'll have a flavored one with me.  She says what I smoke normally is too harsh for her taste buds.  This coming from a woman who has smoked for 12 years.  Mentols to boot...
Great job on the review. I think I'll pick a couple of these up for my daughter & her sisters to try.
Interesting review.  Sounds like the KarmaSutraSplash would good well with a Pina Colada while watching a Maui sunset.
Freakin' ray of sunshine, ain't I.
I'll probably not try that perticular one, but I'd like to try the entire line.  I'm not much of a flavored person myself, but, they are nice for a change of pace.  Throw an ole curve ball to the taste buds, there...

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