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New tastes and experiences
I love smoking cigars, and i know i am certainly not the only one here that has my passion.  I also know that dispite the amount of time i have been, only recently have i made it a full time hobbie.  my likes and experiences are limited so ive come here for some guidance.  Heres what i have and have tried:

Romeo Bullys-awesome, really enjoy these
Romeo Reserve Mad.-stong but pleasurable, mat an everyday-er, but def. good
Punch Pita-it was ok but burned my throat both during and afterwards
H. Uppman Reserve Toro-tasted fine but had miserable looking ash that held on for 1/4 in max.
Montecristo White Churchills-good, as expected, except for the price
Cohiba Dom. Churchills-see: montecristo white
JR Ultimate Natural-solid smoke (my full review in the reviews section)
Maria Mancini-good smoke at an even better price

My favs of a reasonable price are the romeo bullys, JR Ultimate, and the Maria Mancini
I also love the montes and the cohibas, but they are out of my league for a daily smoke.

I have had (not on the list above)
Santa Damiana-tasted alright but seemed plugged and hard to draw
Monte Platnium-wonderful, not so great on the wallet tho
CAO gold-was too mild with a back of the throat bite that was unpleasant
Onyx (sampler, not sure what kind)-hard pull and too mild
Don Diego (sampler, not sure what kind)-way to mild, did nothing for me

Thats all Ive got and ive read about so much that my mind is spinning.  Given my likes and dislikes of the smokes mentioned, where should i start exploring without breaking the bank?  If anyone has any recommendations i would greatly appreciate it.  I would also have no problem setting up a trade if you see anything you would be interested in.
thanks in advance

A few brands you didn't mention that you should definitely look into are Padron (2000 and 3000's are around $4 a stick), Oliva (the G's and V's are great especially the V lancero and run around $4, $6 respectively), Sancho Panza double maduro's are great everyday sticks that won't break the bank.  These are just a couple that stick out in my mind that I really enjoyed and still do that I was introuduced to by the fine members here.  Your palate will develop as you smoke more and different cigars and there are so many sticks out there, it will deffinetly be an enjoyable trip Wink
Mk is right on with some advice given. I will also mention try some of the Toranos, Pepins stuff if you are ready for something more full flavored. La Flor Dominacana makes some great smokes as well. I highly recommend the Coranado. Also try the Curvee Rouge.
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
alright guys thanks a lot.  Im gonna head over to JR on thursday and see what i can find.  Might also need a new humidor because i wanna try so much and im running outta room. 

If only this was the biggest problem we had to deal with :?

I smoke mostly full-bodied fare, but STILL love the occasional RyJ Bully or Monte White!

You might look for NUB Connecticutt, Edge Light, and especially---if you can find it---the Zino Mouton Cadet. Zino Platinums are expensive, but the Cadet used to be about a $5 tubo . . . and if you like Monte White Labels, you'll LOVE it.

Cusano 18 is another great-tasting, well-made bargain that fits your tastes.

Great advice all around.  I too enjoy the Monte Whites but yeah they cost some money. 

Good bang for the buck? yes the Oliva G's.  Nestor Miranda Sig Series are $5/stick and well worth it.
Just stopped at the local shop and got and Oliva G nat. and maduro, as well as a CAO Brazilia to try out.  ill let ya know what the verdict is after they r gone

well i had both the Oliva G maduro and natural.  I was very surprised with my reaction as well.  I had the natural first, expecting to be the milder of the two sticks.  It was very good.  Had a little bit of a spice to it which was vice, and remained smooth until the end.  Got a little fuller toward the end.  The maduro on the other had, which i had expected to be much more flavorful actually bored me!  I was shocked.  It certainly had a sweet tone to it that the natural lacked, but overall i wasnt as impressed.  I had both with a cup of coffee that complimented it quite well.  I dont know if i would want the amount of pepper flavor in the natural as an everyday smoke, but i will definately pick up some and make it a fun escape.  The maduro i might have to try again at a later date but at this point in time i dont think they will be making it into the humi.  Thanks for the advice guys.  Im going to try the brazilia tomorrow afternoon after work.  next purchase will include LFD and some pepins if i can find them.  ill have to check JR but my local place didnt have them and i didnt see them on JRs site. 


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