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New here, and to cigars
Where to start...well I turned 18 yesterday, but I might as well be upfront and say I've had myself some sticks here and there over the past month or two.  I live in the Chicagoland area and am a Senior in high school.  I have a Boxer puppy that is almost a full time job, but she's worth it.  I like photography, even though i don't do as much as I use to, but when I am feeling creative I will spend a lot of time getting what i want.

As for cigars,  I started out with Acids, but I've already developed a dislike for them.  A couple of my favorites so far (even though I have a long journey ahead of me) are the CAO Brazilia series, the Mx2, and the Romeo y Julieta Bully.  I tried an Italia this morning, and a Soprano yesterday, but didn't care for them too much.  I will have to come back to them later.  I still have no Humi, so I am buying by the stick unfortunately.

So there you have it,


WELCOME ABOARD.  Poor guy, you started the nsanity younger than I.  Well I hope to hear more from you as you begin to branch out!

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
[welcome] to the Stogiechat......I guess im no longer the youngest kid here...thats coolSmile....dude you are in for some good times....this is the best place to get cigar info to help you on ur cigar good tip that I should have listened to is GET A BIG HUMIDOR  trust me....I have a 50ct humi that these guys here keep blowing up and just recently I made a cooledor that is already full


enjoy urself....this place is great
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I've actually been debating the humi issue, and I might just go for a cooler right away and just use an empty box for singles or something.  That way it will last me a bit longer...I hope.

Also..The humi I was going to purchase on cirgamony I had found elsewhere cheaper, but I'd have to pay shipping twice cause I'll need beads.  If I buy a cooler I'll just need to pay for shipping on the beads and a hygro.
[welcome]  [rob]
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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[welcome] Another boxer owner! Smile I have a male that is now 10 months! And yes...a handful for sure!! LOL

Well, welcome to SC. Its a great place and you will learn a ton of info on cigars and things in general about the awesome hobby we all share. Serg is very correct concerning the humi or cooler. So that is a wise move for you.

So enjoy!!

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[welcome] SW, I used to be a boxer owner, had a male fawn man they are a full time job even as adults, spend lots of time with her and train her right and it will be much easier.  I say you are on the right track with the coolidor and beads.
Acids, eh? Right on man, that's what I got started with. And ironically enough brazillias were one of those that got me off the flavored/herb sticks. Weclome aboard man, and welcome!

Buy yourself a cooler from Lowe's or HD and some beads, and you'll be set.  Oh- and freeze your cc in a block of ice now, before it's too late [devil]
Haha.  Luckily I don't have a credit card and hope not to in the near future.  I will have my debit card in the next couple days, but atleast that money I have.  Today I bought a plastic container that can hold maybe 10 sticks and a water pillow to hold me over until after the holidays.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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