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New Tat Mummies
If anyone is interested twins smoke shop has a list going for the new tat mummies. I emailed Kurt today and he put me on the list...
Good to know, thanks..
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Thanks Nick!

I'm on several lists for dress and non-dress boxes, hoping to score at least one of each to keep the collection going!

I loved the mini-Mum so I'm stoked for these!
This is my boomstick!
All I care about is coming up with a regular box and a few singles. Have not really had any difficulty coming up with this so not really concerned but I guess I should see Kurt.

My dress box arrived yesterday (see the cigar P0RN thread), can't wait to fire one up today!

This is my boomstick!
If I hadn't just ordered some radio equipment and some <ahem> special celebratory cigars, I would probably use some 3-in-1 oil to get my wallet open enough to place an oder... hell, I never got off my a$$ long enough to order the past couple of Monsters or the Minis... I must just be getting more finicky in my old age.


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