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New NYS Tax Bill to be signed today
I just spoke to Bluesman & he called me from the Rez.

he's getting ready for his herf tomorrow...
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Good news on the NY Indian Reservations...

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The Senecas have won another legal victory in their battle to sell tax-free cigarettes.
There are few issues more passionate to the Seneca Indian Nation than refusing to be taxed by New York State.
Sally Snow (Seneca Free Trade Association) said, "They're breaking the law. We're saying New York State is breaking the law by trying to enforce these laws on us."
When Governor David Paterson back in December signed the law to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on the reservation to non-Indians, the State Tax Department had not developed a system to exempt Native Americans from paying the taxes.
That argument played well in court Tuesday.
Attorney for Seneca Interests Margaret Murphy said, "That law is not in effect because the tax department has not done what the legislature directed them to do."
State Supreme Court Justice Rose Sconiers extended the order banning the state from collecting the cigarette tax. Wholesalers would have had to prove they were in compliance.
The State may appeal, but for now...
Assistant Attorney General Darren Longo said, "The judge's order effectively is going to prevent any action at this point by the state to place the tax in place."
The issue to the Senecas and those who represent them goes deeper than any possible defect in the law.
Treaties, they say must be honored.
Counsel to Seneca President Joe Crangle said, "It's a sovereign territory. It's not like Buffalo or Erie County. It's a separate territory. It's immune from those kinds of law."
Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder said he was pleased with Judge Sconiers' ruling, and said the Senecas are open to "productive" talks with the governor, as long as the State respects treaty rights.
The State had hoped to raise more than $60 Million dollars a year from the tax.


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