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New 601 bands
Me likey!!!
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I saw him quoted as saying "It's strong."

Now THESE are the redesign that should've been done in the first place. The second iteration was just an absolute eyesore and cheapened the look of the cigar. These new ones are classy looking and I'd even say an improvement over the original bands.
I'm not a fan of Rocky Patel cigars. I've tried most of them, even met the guy. The cigars all have that certain RP metallic aftertaste which I am not fond of personally. Plus that first round of "new bands" is just an example of how the Rocky Patel company tries to cut corners and costs. I mean it was a low-quality band. Now I really like the 601 reserve limitadas but am sceptical for it's future.
Well, while I'm not a huge fan of Rocky Patel either, supposedly the EO brands/RP merger meant changes, but not to the blend. Eddie Ortega has stated multiple times in various interviews that the blend didn't change, so hopefully it's only a band thing and that's as far as it goes Smile
According to this site there has been no change to the blend. It is still blended by Pepin. If they ever were to stop that it would be a huge mistake.
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I have a couple sticks with the first generation bands. They were stout and should tame down with time. I tried one with the second band on it, seemed the same as the first but the cheezy band made them seem less. As for RP in general I like the 1961 and love the EDGE.
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