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Need to stock up, what’s good and where are the deals?
Ok ok ok , every time I come on here it’s been a year and I feel guilty.  But for 7 years I have been building a ranch and for three plus this home mostly myself.  Well over the past month I and one other guy built this 1300 sq ft wrap around covered porch in my home! 
So that means that after seven years of busting my ass the hardest part is done.  Lots of projects left but my CIGAR smoking porch where I can watch deer , antelope, birds and the occasional elk is done. Well except for stairs the railings a vertical custom built smoker and kitchen. But the hard work part. 

So it’s time to stock the coke machine humidor with newer better sticks and start enjoying life more. 

So, where are the better deals these days and which brands are good.  I was always an Avo or Rocky Patel kinda guy but I’m open to suggestions.

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Need to stock up, what’s good and where are the deals? - by RUMBLON - 09-13-2020, 05:28 PM

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