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Need Help Identifying cigars
Hi everyone, recently a buddy of mine gave me 8 cigars that have no band, about a 5/8in shaggy foot on the end, not like the Gurkha, its more uniform, almost like they forgot to trim it.  He said he thought  the box that they were in said "JR". Was wondering if anyone has any idea what I might be dealing with here. I know that its a very vague description but its all I have. Also they are 7"x50. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I don't think JR sells shaggy foot cigars.
Thats why I need some help. I know that its not a Gurkha or a Graycliff, or a Mejor. Like I said he thought that it said JR on the box
Most likely a store brand cigar from JR outlets.  Smoke one.  If you like it, great - if not, pitch the rest.  Check out our reviews here and pick up some of the cigars you see being smoked there.  Most of the JR house sticks are mediocre at best.
the only cigars that come to mind are these

[Image: cs-yya.jpg]

Theyres a thread in the cigar 101 section about this. Maybe post some pics there and someone might b able to tell you what you got...[thumbsup]
Did it have a pig tale cap? if so I'd bet its a JFR.  Its a Nic smoke with a criollo wrapper, originally blended by Pepin for Tabacular Tropical.  A great cheaper smoke.  I go through half a box a month of them and have yet to be disapointed.
Just got the box. Its a Factory Direct box, 24 count. The box looks a little vintage, has the ruff sawn look to it, and a leaf carved into it. My buddy smoked one the other day, and said it was mild and was ok but not the best.
Any chance of putting up a picture of it for us? Smile
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Tonto The Long Island Sidekick Wrote:Any chance of putting up a picture of it for us? Smile

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