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NY outdoor smoking ban
So if the cops will not enforce it, I will still have a stick with you Skipper in Battery Park. Can you imagine some freedom sucking Lib coming up to you and I Skipper?
(03-30-2011, 08:28 AM)Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote: i actually think he's a good mayor. Runs the city like a corporation (& that's how I believe it should be run). But this... I have zero tollerence for. I mentioned it to a guy here at work, who doesn't smoke, and he was enraged at the loss of freedom.
Yes, people should be free to live, but outdoor smoke does nothing to hurt anyone from doing that. I dont give a flying f what any studies say.
And cigars even less so!!!!

I completely disagree with your position. Actually, I disagree with anyone that states:
Quote:Runs the city like a corporation (& that's how I believe it should be run).
The government is not supposed to be run like a corporation, it is supposed to be a governing body of elected officials there to handle issues involving the country. These people should be held FULLY accountable for their actions, and if their actions are criminal in any way, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

As the government is run like a corporation now....every single one of the blood sucking, virus politicians enjoy that limited liability, where they can do anything they want, and completely get away with it, or at most...have to resign from office, with no worry about any prosecution except public outcry.

The modern (as in last 30ish...maybe 35ish years) politician, is a far cry (I would expect) from what the founding fathers envisioned. And while I will certainly concede that the times changed, resulting in the need for the politicians to change too, allowing the government to not be held liable for its actions, is something that I blame on every single person who believes that it (the governent) should be run as a corporation.
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
well, i completely disagree... and I'm right. so there.
Jonathan Charles Axisa, my beloved son, 11/7/1979 - 7/8/2010

Ғµ(Ķ Cancer
heh heh....yeah? Well, I'm're small. Have a nice day. Smile
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
Yes run like a corporation. Use a balance sheet and actually have a budget. Keep expenses to essential necessities. Operate in the black and not in the red.
If you had Money Like Bloomberg you can get paid 1.00 a year, also and buy yourself another 4 years in office if you want ,and finance from your own pocket Mayors against Guns and make lame gun laws that attack the legal gun owners and have kids go in the south and try and buy guns and he did nothing what so ever to stop illegal guns on the streets also make lame Smoking laws.

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