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My dad
Bulz Wrote:Merry Christmas John.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm sure your Dad would be extremely proud of how you live your life.  Not everyone can say that.

I'm proud to call you my friend.
really well said bulz.  i think all of us who've come to know john, even a little, can agree wholeheartedly. 
Wonderful story, Skip.  Thank you for sharing with us.
wonderfull story. Sounds like your Daddy was cut of the old school cloth, integrity, hard work ethics, and loving his family, which is the way it is supposed to be. Not too many of us were that fortunate to have such loving and caring Dads.....Thanks for sharing...
Fantastic story John, thanks for sharing. Makes one appreciate even more those that are still with us. Kind of makes me want to go help my grandad take care of his farm for a couple days...
thank you all for the kind words
Thank you john for sharing such a touching and personal part of your life. May it bring you peace.

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